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// screams in agony i m so fucking stressed someone shoot me

Anonymous whispered,

A question to everyone: What would you change in your life if you could?

Cal: wishes he didn’t have OCD sometimes

Bardou: Would like to not have some of the scars he has/the stories behind them

Faelan: Would’ve liked to resolve the war peacefully if he could. Also doesn’t like being partially blind but it beats when he was younger.

Reagan: Wouldn’t like to be royal. She’s the royal advisor but she was literally next in line for the O Fionnain throne had Cal not been found


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missed you too dude

and glad to know youre doing alright

> You keep your hold before pulling away.

anything i missed or have things been going smoothly for you

Smoothly, I would say…Fii stood up by himself today, he caught me by surprise…

I’m glad to see you’re okay, though…I’m still not entirely sure what is going on, but everyone seems to be worried, so naturally I worried a lot too…

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a wolf?

But you do not look like a wolf.  Wolves have shaggy fur and stand on four legs.  And they are grey!

….and they eat chickens



………….please do not eat the chickens, mr wolf.

Well ah ain’t seen nae chickens around here—

…whit, we’re nae allowed tae eat them? O…kay?

Er. There’s more than jist grey wolves, aye? most o’ my family’s red wolves, but we got black an’ grey tae….


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//Little thing



why d’you have ears like a kitty cat?


Loch a whi—

Nae lass! They’re wolf ears, they are! Ain’t nothing loch nae cat…

ladylovedove whispered,

Little thing


Didjye know tha’ royal wolves can use fire magic? Ye learn it when yer loch 15 or somethin’ but my brother can already do it an’ we’re only 5!

Ah dinnae whit it looks loch but it feels real warm, it does…

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Send “Little thing” and my character will tell you something as a child.


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"It’s closer to a zoo with water. And a zoo is a large plot of land where they keep a large amount of different kinds of exotic animals for the public to view."

"A museum mainly contains various displays dedicated to a certain field, like art or science."

….they jist keep animals fer…people jist tae look at ‘em?

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