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// i havent wanted to say anything for a while because i always jinx it but i finally hit over 200 followers!! ;w; thanks to everyone!

i’m not really sure what to do for celebration times though so any suggestions would be cool!!

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[Someone else with a child stood by him now. He didn’t recognize them, but perhaps he’d seen them speaking with Cabanela earlier today…yes, that was it. Perhaps it was the mutual fact of parenthood that brought this other person towards Cal and his pup…not a bad thing!]

"It is a rather lively party, isn’t it…?"

I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you,

I’m sorry that I survived,

And if I could go back in time

You never would have died


-beth pecora
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-beth pecora


congratulations on your new job cal

im sure thatll help with raising fii

> You brow furrows a bit behind your shades. Though you haven’t asked about anything ICOD related for the obvious reason, it has been on your mind every now and then.

i take it the woods still arent safe then
im sorry to hear that
if you need help with cooking or getting meat let me know

Oh…thank you! I’ve gotten a lot of offers for help with cooking, it’s fun to see what everyone has to offer, heheh…

[A bit of silence as the vampire looks on at the party. There’s a good amount of people, and they definitely look like they’re having fun.]

I hardly recognize anyone here…or to be more fair, it is that I don’t know many people here. It’s hard to pick a familiar face from the crowd.


Hey, guys! This isn’t a milestone celebration so much as it is a spontaneous hug for the roleplaying community. For a year and a half now, I’ve been inspired almost daily by the writers here. So here’s a small something I have to offer:

FIRST PLACE receives a full-body colour drawing (x) (x) of their character or a character of their choice; SECOND PLACE, (x) a greyscale bust; and THIRD, (x) a greyscale portrait.

You don’t have to be following me.
One like and one reblog per entrant.
Only roleplay blogs need apply!
Winners will be selected and notified on Sunday, September 28th. There will be a 48 hour window of opportunity to respond, after which (assuming no answer) the prize will be forfeited to another entrant.

That’s it, really. Thanks a bunch, and cheers!



"Other than wanting my pregnancy to be over soon? I’m doing quite well…" She said, she gently pat Fii’s hair, "And yourselves?"

Oh, I know that feeling. [he chuckles, bouncing Fii a bit.]

When are you due? I can probably give you some of Fii’s old things, if you need them!

We’ve been alright…hanging in there! It’s a bit difficult right now since the forest is a bit off limits, some of us can’t hunt. But I’ve taken up cooking to help!


i see hes napping

cant say this is the ideal place to nap with the music
but all the power to him for accomplishing it

> You chuckle lightly.

mmm been busy lately
ive taken up a client of sorts that has a temporal issue
and my other job has been a bit hectic
otherwise ive been fine
just wish i had more free time

how have you been fairing lately

You are looking at the boy who napped through not one, but two festivals. [he chuckles as well, adjusting the pup a bit on his shoulder]

I’ve been alright…

I got a job, actually! I organize files and the like for a Mr. Justice…it’s something I’m good at doing, anyways. But it’s nice to have an income. I don’t like using the money I supposedly have with the whole “king” business, I’d rather save that for the People…but here I have a paycheck, and I can buy more things for Fii, and groceries! I took up cooking! People have to eat, you know, and the whole “no hunting” thing hurts the pack quite a bit…

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"Well here’s the other cutie…" Eoalande said looking towards little Fionn. "Hello Fii…" She nodded towards Cal in greeting as well.

{Ai!} [oh, it’s miss Eoal! Hi! ^o^]

Hello, good to see you! How’ve things been for you, Eoal?