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turntechgodtits replied to your post: Whit’s with all th’ colors an’ stuff…

its easter

….whit’s easter?

Whit’s with all th’ colors an’ stuff today….


Ah! So it was that guy he had met before.

"Oh, hey there! Uhm, well… I have sort of a problem at the moment, and Prosecutor Blackquill thought it would be best if I saw you."


"You know those anonymous things, right? Well, one of them turned me into a werewolf for about a week."

…Oh dear. I haven’t dealt with them in a while, but I know how troublesome greyfaces can be…

Ehm, well, I know a good amount about werewolves…I’m assuming you came here because you know there’s a few living here, then?

justiceneverdies whispered,

The detective paused, glancing back at the address he was given. Well, this should be the right place... "Hello? Is there a 'Cal' here?"

I’m a Cal! [the vampire grins, opening the door.]

Oh! hello Mr. Detective Fulbright! To what do I owe the pleasure?

Anonymous whispered,

Cal, you went to Mars?! There's no oxygen on Mars, you dingnut!

I didn’t go there! How do you even go…

N-no, I saw it in the sky…it’s a very bright red dot in the sky! 


"No, you saw it. I was looking for the moon."

"… And you found that too."


What matters is we both saw it, right?

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What are you talking about he’s totally hot
… I mean, uh.

"Ye mean" whit, lass?




I saw the “Big Dipper” constellation! And the “Mars” plan-it!


"I thought it was Polaris at first."

We saw it too, though! 

Anonymous whispered,

I think Cal is a hottie. But Bardou? You're just a nottie.


Tha’s feckin’ rude if ye ask me…

I saw the “Big Dipper” constellation! And the “Mars” plan-it!